Tuesday, June 30, 2009

20 Things I Love


Angora GoatImage via Wikipedia

I want to make a short list of things that I love. In no particular order.

1. Weeds

2. Southern Comfort

3. Ryder

4. Goats

5. Sam Adams Summer Ale

6. Puzzle books

7. MBCR (Mass Bay Commuter Rail)

8. Dane Cook

9. Cheesecake

10. Dropkick Murphies

11. Irish boys

12. Pop art

13. Zemanta

14. Flip flops

15. Derby Wharf

16. Denver

17. Recycling

18. My dog

19. Will Farrell

20. Lost
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  1. Love flip flops 2! Whenever I think of Southern Comfort I think of Janis Joplin. That was her liquor of choice. :)

  2. I know!! Had I thought of it she would have been on my list too! :D

  3. Nice list. I love how goats are just randomly on there, funny!

  4. I also happen to love flip-flops and wear them as much as possible. (I actually keep a pair of shoes at my office simply so I can wear flip-flops to/from my office.) This is an interesting idea. Thanks for doing it and sharing more about yourself.

  5. I do that too!! I have a pair at work to change into.

  6. Pop art, flip flops, and Will Farrell. This is what little girls are made of.

  7. I LOVE RYDER!!!! well and flip flops and so many of the same things... well not Will Farrell but its okie.


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