Monday, June 8, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training: Part 1

I was quite certain that potty training was going to be a horrible failure. Ryder doesnt care if his diaper is dirty and I actually think that he would rather his diaper not be changed. So, not unlike Nemo's father, Merlin, I was sure that he would not be able to do it. Failed before he began.

That was before the magic of "Once Upon A Potty"! A coworker told me that it worked for her children so I was going to pick it up, then I found it among some books given to us. I read it to Ryder before bed one night and he loved it. He made me read it twice or thrice. Too many times, anyways. This continued for the next couple of nights. Then I thought we'd get into the serious stuff.

I gave him a bath and set up the potty in the mean time. After the bath I sat him on the potty and read him the book. He made me read it several more times. I dont know what the facination with the book is. I dont think it is that expecially interesting. Anyways, then he just went in the potty!! And then we partied!! Horray!

Before bed, we brushed his teeth and I suggested the potty a second time. He was all about it. I read the book several more times (I am unwillingly committing it to memory) and when he got up I saw that he used it again! Party number 2! He was so excited. He almost spilled it on himself trying to flush it - hehe.

He wasnt interested this morning, but our mornings are kind of a whirlwind. I am optimistic for tonight!


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