Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hazmat Drill

I am totally bummed. I am a member of the Hazmat team at my hospital and tomorrow morning at 4am there is a drill. I want to go so badly, but I dont have a babysitter. When I first heard about the drill, I was okay with knowing that I could not go because I had nothing to do with my son that early. My mom volunteered to drive down from Maine and watch him then take him to daycare so that she could then go to work. I can not ask her to do this. She is sick and not sleeping well. Its just one of my major limitations as a single mother. I feel like I just do not have someone to watch him, even for a short time.

My neighbors have been great and have him play over there for a short time in the evenings. Their daughter adores him. They are away this week, though. It is not often that I wish I had a babysitter, but when I do, I really really really do.

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