Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Declare Bankrupcy

1. Meet crappy man; marry him.

2. While caring for his infant, fail to notice him buying stupid things (e.g. drugs).

3. Kick him out.

4. Have car repossessed and sold at a fraction of what you owe.

5. Stop paying bills other than rent.

6. Spend thousands getting a divorce.

7. Spend $1500 getting lawyer for bankrupcy.

8. Gather every piece of information from the last five years (i.e. taxes, paystubs).

9. Do debt counseling.

10. Feel shitty.

11. Sign piles and piles of paperwork.

12. Take debt management class online.

13. Feel shitty.

14. Go to meeting with trustees at federal building smack dab in the middle of the day.

15. Sit and listen to ten people declaring bankrupcy who get to keep their house/car/boat.

16. Answer several questions under oath (e.g. age of child, property ownership).

17. Wait around for deadlines to pass.

18. Receive discharge papers in the mail.

19. Breathe a sigh of relief.


  1. It can only look up from here, right?

    I found you through Tova's blog. I'm a single mother too (teenager = ACK!), and I just found out we're practically neighbors, I live in CT. Nice to meet you.

  2. WOW. Congrats on making it through and keeping your sanity.

  3. At least that is one more thing you can check off your list.


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