Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How To Tell If Your Significant Other Is On Drugs

1. Does your SO anger easily? If yes, continue.

2. Does your SO come home at night? If no, continue.

3. Does your SO have secretive private phone calls? If yes, continue.

4. Does your SO bring home strange people? If yes, continue.

5. Does your SO blow through money? If yes, continue.

6. Did your SO get fired from their job? If yes, continue.

7. Do you catch your SO in lies? If yes, continue.

8. Does your SO forget to buckle the baby in the car seat then giggle when confronted? If yes, continue.

9. Does your SO spend alot of time at their crackhead mother's house? If yes, continue.

10. Has the Department of Social Services paid you a visit and told you that your SO is on drugs? If yes, then your SO is definately on drugs.


  1. thanks 4 the tips and good job on kicking that turkey to the curb.

  2. Ouch. That shit must hurt. Sweetie, I feel for you.


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