Friday, June 12, 2009

Rich Parents

In the Salem Gazette today there was a story about a preschool that is closing. It is the preschool at the House of Seven Gables. Now, there are only 20 children at this school and they mentioned how they are not from low class families. It is crappy that the school has to close, but the school people found other preschools in the area that are available and the YMCA has even decided to add another class to their schedule for these children. The parents are pissed. They are upset because they were not told the moment that the school decided to close. They are mad that the school found a list of schools before they told them. One parent said that there are openings in other schools in the city but it is hard to find a school that is small and close-knit that offers both half day and full day classes within the city.

Now, you must excuse me if I have zero sympathy for these people. Yes, it totally blows that the school that your child attends is forced to close. But, this school went out of its way to find openings and even got a whole other class opened for you. How angry would these parents be if they were not given this list? If they were just told "Good luck on your search"? And it is painfully obvious that the YMCA is not good enough for some people. Its not "close-knit" enough for them. I am thankful for my daycare. I wish I had the resources to send my son to a small, close-knit preschool, but its not in the cards. These people should be thankful for what they have.

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