Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Totally Awkward Tuesday

I am totally inspired by Tova Darling's Totally Awkward Tuesday. So, here is my very own awkward story.

In college, I got into a bit of trouble (didnt we all?) On a certain tuesday, I was arrested for possession of marijuana. Unknown to me at the time, because I was arrested on campus they sent a letter home to my parents. Seriously. Jerks. Anyways, on the following friday, I was at a rave and accidentally got arrested a second time. Possession again. Oops.

So, I go home to sleep. My father wakes me up furious because he had just recieved the letter from the college about the first arrest. He says "You got ARRESTED?!?" And in my slightly intoxicated stupor I answer "Which time?" Perhaps the stupidest thing I have ever said in my life. Totally awkward.


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Which time!!! That's awesome. Did he totally flip out??

  2. Oh yes, there was quite alot of yelling that day!! And alot of me feeling really dumb! :D


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