Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Awkward Ribbon Game

Are you throwing a baby shower? Let me give you a piece of advice: Do not play the ribbon game.

How to play: Get a roll of ribbon. Pass the roll around to all of the party goers and tell them to cut off a piece of ribbon that will go around the largest part of the mother-to-be's belly. The person who gets the closest wins some gay prize.

I am sure that you see where this is going.

They played this game at my baby shower. They passed the roll around and the ribbon ran out before it left the first table. These people thought my belly was so large that they used all of the ribbon. My belly was large, but, shit.

So, the people who actually got some ribbon started trying to measure it around me. The ribbon was so big, some almost went around twice! Twice! This made me feel real shitty. Like I wasn't feeling like a whale to begin with. Thanks family and friends for making my baby shower totally awkward.

Need more awkwardness for your Tuesday fill? Visit our hostess, Tova Darling, she is totally awkward! :D


  1. So glad you got your comments fixed!

    One of my friends hosted a shower for my second baby, and insisted on playing lots of silly games, including this one. I think she hosted the second-baby shower *because* she didn't get to play silly games at the first-baby shower, as the friend that hosted that one didn't do any silly games.

    I had the same experience - almost everyone doubled the amount of string needed to wrap around my belly. The only person who was even *close* with the amount of ribbon was my 4 year old daughter. And she was nearly exact.

    I thanked her for not making me out to be fatter than I was, and asked how she got the length so exact. She said, "I can just barely wrap my arms all the way around you for a hug, so I knew the ribbon needed to be as wide as my arms."

    Smart kid, that one.

  2. What a smart kid!! Im glad it wasn't just me that that game harrassed. Why would they put us through that?

  3. I'm going to post an expanded version of the story in my comment on my blog, with a link to your post.

    I don't know why they put us through that!! Something about "tradition" I guess....

  4. Yodigity Yo Raine!

    I've played this game before at a baby shower. I didn't think about how humiliating it can be for the mother to be...wow. Who comes up with these games anyway? So glad your comments are fixed! Peace and hair grease...

  5. i didnt like we played that game either...
    for the same reason but for your feelings not mine haha


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