Thursday, July 2, 2009

Writer's Workshop

So, I am a day late and a buck short. (Or so the saying goes.) But it is my first so please excuse my tardiness. Here is our gracious host: Mama's Losing It.

The prompt is: 2.) Write five "Incredibly Short Books". Some examples:"Chemical Contraception Choices for Catholic Couples""Teenage U.S. Presidents""The Book of Female Popes""The 2008 Book of General Motors Profits" Dan says, "The point is that the book is of zero size since the title is a contradiction with reality."

"The New England Sunshine Report for June 2009"

"The Pleasant Toll Taker"

"A Guide To On-Time MBTA Buses"

"The Vegan Hunter"

"How To Rock-Out Without An Amp"


  1. Haha, number one is turning out to be our end of june/early july here too :(
    Visiting from Mama Kats

  2. I love the "Vegan Hunter"-too funny.

  3. Beware the wily turnip plant! They can be especially vicious when cornered. And let us not forget stalking the wild asparagus.

    Good job on the books.

  4. Book number one is too true where I live. It hasn't rained in so long, I've forgotten what rain looks like. Send some of it to Alabama please! I enjoyed your post, great job.

  5. That New England Sunshine Report would be considered and EXTREMELY short story this summer!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I must say I am laughing so hard at the pleasant toll taker, I mean is there actually one that exists.....


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