Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Family That Is Awkward Together...

For this week's TAT with Tova Darling, I am going to give you a kind of montage of awkwardness. I have seen my father's family twice in the last month and it has given me adequate TAT fodder.

Background: My cousin, N, found some girl online that lives in a far away state (a state, state, not like a state of mind.) He married her and never came back. So, thanks to Facebook, I have been talking to him again. I saw N's mom, Auntie A, recently and told her that I have been talking to N. "Really???" she exclaimed, "How is he?!?!?" She was genuinely excited to hear news about him. "Uhhh... good, I guess," I replied. I didn't expect such a response. Wish he had mentioned that he hadn't spoken to his mom is a long time.

Auntie R shows up at the party. Cousin K asks "Is Uncle D here? He must be if his wife R is." Then we are told that he is not there. He is actually camping with his ex-wife and their children. Ooookkkkaaaayyyy....

There was a bunch of whispering all of a sudden. "Is that Joan??" "Omigod, I think that is Joan!" "Oh, it definitely is, I can recognize her voice anywhere!" "I can't believe she is here." Then my mom says, "Auntie C, isn't she your ex-mother-in-law?" "Yes," Auntie C confirms. I have no idea why she was there. I felt awkward for everyone.

This one isn't really awkward, but a good story nonetheless. Auntie A was showing me pictures on her camera and I suggested that she put them on photobucket so everyone could have access to them. My Nanna chimes in with "They are taking babies' photos off of the Internet and putting them up on Craigslist for adoption! Then people are seeing these babies at the mall, calling their names and stealing them. I would never put my grandson's picture online." Okay, Nanna, that makes zero sense. Why would someone try to adopt a child on Craigslist and what would be the incentive for the person posting? Selling babies at least I could comprehend. Then, what are the odds that you will see a child online and then happen to see them at the mall, recognize them, then steal them. I agree that you have to be careful about what you post, but puh-lease Nanna.

Gotta love the fam.


  1. What can't you get on CL these days...

  2. hahaha I love the family silly-ness. Always great, and obviously veryyy awkward a lot of the time. So strange that there were so many ex's involved...

  3. LoL! You're family is FUNNY! Good montage!

  4. Funny! Good idea too, to write about the nutti-ness instead of say, blocking it out like I do :)

  5. UMMM as a resident of the fifth largest city, I am NEVER shocked to hear these stories...I am however stunned that your Nanna knew about it!
    The saying truth is stranger than fiction...sometimes is the only explination.

  6. oh my goodness! at the party! hahaha so cousin K and I are talking and I meantion cousin N and he goes who???? and I'm like uh.... your brother... and he goes ooh.... you talk to him?

    i was like omg... do they not talk? haha


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