Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Half Baked

It's Tuesday so that means it is another awkward moment from Raine's archives (because obviously I am not awkward now.) Head over to Tova Darling's for even more fun!

When I was younger I smoked a lot. A lot of pot, a lot of cigarettes, and a lot of other things. One evening a couple of girlfriends and myself smoked a lot of pot then went over to the pool hall. The pool hall was the place to be. Anyone who was anyone went to the pool hall. Partly because you could smoke there and partly because there was no other place to go.

After the pool hall, because there was no other place to go, we went back to my parent's house. We popped Half Baked into the VCR, because we were stoners and effing LOVED that movie.

So picture us. Three girls, stoned out of their minds, sitting on the same couch watching Half Baked. Just sitting and staring. Not talking. Not laughing. Just watching.

My mom comes in. She sits down on the other couch and starts watching it with us. Soon she starts sniffing. And looking at us, and sniffing.

Mom: Do one of you girls smoke?

Me: No, mom, we were at the poool hallll.

Mom: Aren't you worried about secondhand smoke?

Me: No.

My friends never even registered this exchange. I just wanted my mom to leave sooo badly.


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