Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hand Made

I have chosen the second of Mama Kat's five prompts this week. It reads as follows:

Share with us something you made by hand.

So here they are! I made these within the last six months.
These are the monsters that I sent to a couple of my cousins:

Here's my piggy:

And my koala:

I really love knitting, but I haven't been lately. Actually, come to think of it, since I got the internet... hmm..

Do you knit? Are you on Ravelry? Come find me! My user name is Sano2pop.


  1. How cute! You really do love to knit

  2. those are sooo cute! you are very talented :)

  3. I think my fave is the pig! They're all so cute!

  4. Oh I really love the little monsters! Those are super cute. :)

  5. so wonderful! i've always admired people who can knit, stitch and sew.

  6. Okay, really? Could those be any cuter?!? Oh how I was I was crafty.

  7. OMG! Those are so cute! I have been wanting to learn to knit for a long time. How did you learn? Can I teach myself?

    BTW, Thanks for the comment on my blog!


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