Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Stuff

Ebony has tagged me for Six Things That Make You Happy. Here are hers. And here are mine:
  1. Rocking in the rocking chair with Ryder
  2. Listening to good music
  3. Going to the zoo
  4. Walking in the mornings
  5. Fitting into clothing previously too small
  6. Watching a good movie.

Ahh.. Actually I think I am happy just thinking about those things :D

And here are the blogs that make me happy:

  1. Rachel @ if it's a hero you want...
  2. Angela @ Angela's Adventures
  3. Jen and John @ Cake Wrecks
  4. Naomi @ Surviving Single Motherhood
  5. Melissa @ Mommy's in the Bathroom

Of course there are more, but honestly - I'm at work!! Don't tell bossman! Thanks Ladies and a Gentleman for making me happy!


  1. i haven't been 2 the zoo in YEARS (since like frist grade)! after reading your list, i totally wanna go now.

  2. That is a great and happy list! I love putting on clothes that were once too small! :)


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