Monday, August 10, 2009

No Thank You

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Dear Friends and Family,

I appreciate the offers extended to Ryder and myself, but no, we do not want to camp in your backyard.

I know that you have been hearing me complain that people keep ditching me so I can't go camping. As you know, I do not feel that it is safe for the two of us to go on our own. I know you are just trying to be helpful, but no, we really do not want to camp in your backyard.

I agree. It would be terribly convenient to be so close to a flushing toilet, shower and stove. Might I point out how close to actual beds we would be sleeping? If I am going to sleep on your property, it will be on a bed with sheets surrounded by walls that keep the bugs out. Oh, and electric lights.

Again, I appreciate the sentiment, but I feel that it just would not be the same.

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  1. what is with them?!?!?!?! Josh and I want to go hiking and camp on top of a mountain. Mom and Dad are like well he lives across the river from apach campground why don't you go there? no mom I don't want to camp somewhere that you can stand in one lot and see the last lot 15 lots away having dinner. I want woods, I want wilderness. Then mom goes, So, why don't you guys sleep in the backyard?


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