Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pooch Plight

My animals are driving me nuts.

Okay, she isn't really. She has been really good lately. It is the effing dog park that is driving me nuts.

The last time I was there was about a year ago. This big ass boxer ran into me. Directly. Into. Me. I fell to the ground and honestly thought that someone was going to have to call an ambulance. Eventually I got up and limped home. Months went by and it still hurt. Long story short (if you are interested in the longer version click here) I wear a brace and shoe inserts now. It still hurts.

Fast forward to last Sunday. I was in a shitty mood. I knew that this week was gonna suck (more on that later, maybe) and I was really stressed out about it. I thought we could go to the dog park and Ryder and Penny would play and leave me alone for a bit.

So we show up to the park and all of the dog park elitists are sitting on their chairs in the shade. We enter gate number 1 to encounter a big ol' sign. "Must have pooch pass to enter" You have gotta be fucking kidding me. Pooch pass? I have a dog licence, isn't that enough? I literally sat down on the bench and cried. Fuck them and their pooch pass. The sign says that you can purchase one at the Salem rec center which is open Monday through Friday 8-4. Yup, when I am in Boston working.

I go online to see about this pooch pass. It costs $25. Seriously? And you need all of the dog's shots, including distemper. My dog hasn't had her distemper in years. I am not going to the vet and pay the $50 office visit and the $25 vaccination just to get a damn pooch pass. Forget it.


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  1. Oh dogs, they cause havoc but you gotta love them. :)

  2. A pooch pass? Are you stinking kidding me? That is CRAZY! I am sorry you had that stressful situation! I feel for you!

  3. That is really stupid. And expensive...especially once you count all the vet costs. I agree, not really worth it.

  4. Stay away from that place! They stink.

  5. That's a lot work and money to just go to the park!! Sorry to hear about the troubles!!

  6. Ughhhhhhh, I hate that feeling, when that one last thing happens and it's the straw that breaks the camel's back and the floodgates just OPEN. I'm so sorry!

  7. I don't have a lot of patience for other people's puppies. Actually, though, it's the inconsiderate owners who really drive me nuts!


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