Sunday, August 9, 2009

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

So, I ask myself "What makes a person powerful?"

"Money," I tell myself.

Money makes the world go round, and all that jazz.

All worldly decisions ultimately come down to money. Oil, embargoes, mergers, firing and hiring, health care, class systems, fame. The people with the money make the decisions.

I am preaching to the choir, I know. "Why," you ask, "are you even thinking about this never mind writing about it?"

I wish I could do more. Influence more decisions. Important decisions. Environmental, health care, military spending, welfare. But you need power to be influential.

I feel like I do do a lot. I recycle, vote, try to educate. But it is not enough for me. Money = Power. So, I will use my money wisely to influence decisions. I don't have to be rich to play their games.
I will not spend my money at establishments that lobby against my beliefs. I will not spend my money at establishments that treat their workers unfairly. I will buy products produced, shipped, and sold in more environmentally friendly ways. I will use my consumer power to its fullest extent.

I have long ago stopped buying Coors and Domino's because of their pro-life, anti-gay stances. I have not shopped at Walmart in God knows how long. I shop locally instead of at chain stores. I buy recycled and recyclable products. I try to stay up to date with green companies so that I can support them when I can.

In a capitalistic society, I think we need to be responsible consumers.

It is all about the Benjamins.

Do you know of other companies to stay away from or support? I'd like to hear about your responsible spending and maybe I can incorporate it into mine.

*Bonus game: How many cliches did I use in this post?*


  1. well said! (sorry, don't know of any companies). :/

  2. You have a great point. Having said that.. I cannot afford to not shop at Walmart. When you walk in there and milk is $3 for a gallon and then $6 for a gallon at Bi Lo (oh the irony) you just have a choice to make - some worker you've never heard of not getting treated well.... or your child. :/

  3. I agree, I think that if more people supported only the companies that upheld their beliefs, we would be better off. Although, I suppose everyone would still be supporting all kinds of different companies. I agree though, and I definitely try to support companies that are doing good things and stay away from the ones that support causes that I don't believe in. TOMS shoes, for example, give a pair of shoes to an underprivileged child for every pair that's purchased, which I think is amazing. They're cute too!


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