Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You Might As Well Leave

Leaving the Salem Train StationImage by Marc Amos via Flickr

I take the train to work and every day when I get off of the train, I see people waiting for their rides. I have to fight the urge to go running over to them yelling "You might as well leave! He won't be coming to pick you up!"

Wouldn't I be the crazy lady at the station?

I have always lived within walking distance of the train. We (the ex and I) only had one car for a while and I like walking, so I walked. Now, when I had the car and had to pick him up, he would tell me that he was getting out at, say, 9:00 pm. But really he was getting out at 9:30 pm. He just didn't want me to be late. He didn't want to be waiting on me.

I am never late for anything.

On occasion, he would call me and tell me that he would pick me up at the station. (Specially when I was prego.) So, I would get off of the train and wait. And wait. And wait. I would call him and ask him how long he would be. He would tell me a couple of minutes. I would say "If it is any more than a couple of minutes, just tell me. I can walk home quicker." "Couple of minutes" he would say.

Guess you can probably tell where this is going.

It wouldn't be a couple of minutes. Then I would be the idiot waiting for a ride when I live right down the street. I am not exaggerating when I say it would have been quicker for me to walk. I would get so upset.

I am constantly discovering more pieces of our relationship that were just a bit fucked up.
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  1. Yeah, I had one of those relationships... glad to be out of it

  2. Funny how the little things turn into BIG things, isn't it?

  3. Isn't that always how it is? You look back and you think "Gee.. WTF was that about?" and you see all of those seemingly small things that add up to one BIG thing. You live and learn I guess.


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