Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Beautiful Bride

She is beautiful. Even before she gets into her dress, she is beautiful. Is this my friend from so many years ago? Her hair done, her makeup perfect, the weight she lost, braces - did she have braces last time I saw her? When was the last time I saw her?

The baby shower. She was one of my only friends that made it. Not unlike I am one of the only friends to make it tonight. That is how you can tell a good friend from a great friend. Even if you haven't spoken for months, years, you know that one phone call or invite and they will be at your side.

She is beautiful. This is her day. The day she exchanges vows with her groom, her partner, her best friend. He looks great. The first time I met him was at their apartment, but I had heard about him way before.

When they first started dating (this was before Happy Feet and March of the Penguins) she explained to me that penguins mate for life. He had told her that she was his penguin. We both thought it was the sweetest thing we'd ever heard. Apparently he was right.

She is beautiful. The hall is perfect. They have done it all themselves from the decorations to the food and cake. It is raining, so the ceremony is moved indoors. I miss it because of a screaming child, but I can see how happy the two of them are. They have both weathered difficulties in life but today, right now, it is just the two of them and their love for one another.


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