Sunday, September 20, 2009

Farm or Circus?

When I planned to the farm today, I thought that we would buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, play in the corn field, go on a hayride, and see some animals. Not exactly how it happened.

I got directions to Connor Farm, although we could not have missed it. There were people everywhere and a cop directing traffic. Despite this we parked surprisingly close. I must admit that I was a little nervous about going to a farm. Where could we walk and where couldn't we? Would we be imposing? Would we be interrupting a nice farm family's Sunday dinner?

Not at this farm. Bouncy houses? Really? There were people everywhere. And this modest display:

That is a lot of pumpkins.

We walked all the way to the back of the farm to their actual pumpkin patch and got a little one ourselves. There seemed something wrong about a pumpkin patch that didn't have any plants. It was cute though.

Animals. I love animals and was dying to see them. Here they are:

That's it. Two. Two animals. In the same pen. They are cute, but I was disappointed.

Ryder liked the sandbox.

We did not partake in the 2 acre corn maze, because I figured that I would end up just carrying him. I think their maze is the real attraction. We went into the farm stand to pay for our petite pumpkin and pick up some fresh veggies. There were a zillion people in the stand all buying their tickets for the maze. The first food I saw was bananas. Bananas. For some reason, I do not think they were grown at that farm. More disappointment.

I grabbed a squash (of unknown origins) for my friend, some fresh cider donuts and milk and cider that were made at Brooksby Farm, a town over. Next time we will skip the circus and go straight to Brooksby.


  1. lol. wow. that is pretty disappointing...hope you enjoy your pumpkin...

  2. Aaack! There are few around her that us moms in the "know" avoid at all costs due to the overwhelming amount of rubber and air compressors and the measly amount of animals.

  3. How odd! At least there were 2 animals...

  4. Two animals? That was a bummer.


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