Friday, September 25, 2009


  • It is so easy for me to forgive old friends. I remember the years of good times and forget why I was mad in the first place. This is not true for people I was never good friends with. All those people on facebook that were jerks in high school? Yeah, I do not want to be their friends. It's real nice to see old friends though.

  • Sonic friggin' ROCKS!

  • When did I get so old that I check to see if a guy is wearing a wedding band before anything else?

  • I really want to date guys but I am terrified. I really think that I am scared of men in general. I have a list a mile long of excuses why I cannot date so and so. Ryder alone makes up half my excuse list.

  • I freaking hate facebook. Seriously. Yet I have to check it hourly. Why? What will I possibly miss? I am really going to try to wean myself off. Just email and farm. Gotta still maintain my farm!

  • I know that I need to be more social and hang out with friends (read: make friends), but I kinda pride myself on not needing anyone. Although, I guess I kind of do...

  • I seem to acquire more followers when I write depressing posts. Counter-intuitive. Maybe it is the love-to-watch-a-train-wreck thing. Hopefully it is more of a hey-that-girl-is-really-honest thing.


  1. 1. If it makes you feel better, I've noticed that even in college (at least here), it's wise to check for a wedding ring before anything else.
    2. Sonic DOES freakin' rock!!
    4. Definitely more of a hey-that-girl-is-really-honest thing.


  2. I love Sonic! I wish we had it here

  3. I know that I need to be more social and hang out with friends (read: make friends...

    Hun...we should totally get together because you're living my life of 5 years ago.

    We like your honesty. :)

  4. I've never played Farmville but it seems like everyone on my list does!

    I don't follow you just for the depressing ones, I do really like your honesty though! You're just great.

  5. Man, I wish we had a Sonic here!

    Maybe I should start making my posts more depressing. I just wrote a mildly depressing poem on my blog, but it only makes sense to me, so I'm sure it won't attract many readers, lol.

    I understand you feelings about men and dating, too!

    Oh, and DO make friends. We all need eachother! Besides, I bet Ryder would like some playmates, and mommy could use some coffee-drinking company (or tea or hot cocoa or diet coke or whatever!)

  6. I've never had a sonic.

    Do make is hard when you get older, isn't it? Just know that it is a long process; we don't become besties over a cheese sammich anymore. Start with a smile; there's no risk in that.
    We love your honesty.
    You are your worst critic, you know. :)

  7. Thank goodness your priorities are in line...Farmtown should always be a priority! You can always improve your farm.

  8. I spent a summer at BYU in college and got into the wedding ring check habit.

    Sonic tater tots and cherry limeades make me happy. So happy!

  9. Well, I check for wedding bands first too so I'll be old with you. And I'm scared to get out there and date because I'm so scared of doing damage to my daughter.

    As for the friends thing. I've found lately that I've been in my own little bubble too. It's nice and comfy here. I can just be me. Fart, watch what I want, wear what I want and be in the comfort of my own home. I'm hoping it's just a phase but right now I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.


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