Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Riots Can Be Awkward Too

My college's hockey team is good. Really really really good. Everyone is a huge hockey fan, because our team is so good. Our basketball team sucks, so no one likes them. You know how it goes.

When our hockey team won, the students rioted. When our hockey team lost, the students rioted. I don't know why we did, I just went.

So, one of these riot nights, which was complete with burning couches in the middle of Main Street, my friend and I grabbed some beers and headed downtown. Everything was pretty crazy, but it was kind of a contained crazy. The cops were there, but didn't do much. (I guess in later years it got worse, but not while I was there.)

We were watching the fire and the crowd and the boys. I saw a boy that I went to high school with. I had seen him around campus and we said hi to each other, but that was all. I pointed him out to my friend, who may have had a couple too many beers, and told her that I thought he was cute. Before I knew what was happening, my friend ran over to him.

Oh, god.

She came running back to tell me how she just told him that I had a crush on him. The next bit is hazy either because of the embarrassment or the beer. We walked over or he walked over, somehow we were talking and I was trying to explain how my friend was really drunk. He agreed, then I think one of us made an excuse to leave.

My face was probably as red as the fire.


  1. YAY HOCKEY ahem.....

    At least you could have blamed the red face on the beer. Two sips and my cheeks start blazing.

    I hate it!

  2. Yes, that is awkward. You are a gem for reliving such awkward moments, merely for our enjoyment! :)

  3. Hockey is awesome, I agree. And that must have been super uncomfortable. I would have been SO embarrassed! Good for you for being brave enough to share.


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