Friday, September 4, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright

I wish I had gone to law school.

I wish I had married someone else.

I wish I have travelled more.

I wish I had better speakers for my computer.

I wish I got child support.

I wish I had paid attention during history class.

I wish I had never left Colorado.

I wish I were an accomplished novelist.

I wish I was at peace with myself.

I wish I had studied Poli-Sci.

I wish I hadn't passed out at that Korn show.

I wish I read well aloud.

I wish I hadn't gotten back with my ex after the first time.

I wish I had a hot date.

I wish I could relax more.

I wish Ryder didn't have to go to daycare.

I wish I had a bigger ipod.

I wish I didn't feel broken.


  1. I wish you a big hug! And I also share about 10 of those wishes with you, including the last one. But I also bet that, if we think about it, are lives are amazingly wonderful and rewarding in their own way. So one last wish for you-peace (and I just said a lil prayer for you too:).

  2. hugs to you today! hope you have a great day with ryder.

  3. Did you steal my wish list? lol Seriously... If I had one, it would look pretty darn similar to yours!

  4. i wish ryder knew how great his mama was
    i wish raine realized what a great mama she was
    i wish raine knew how quickly she is becoming one of my fave blog friends
    i wish raine and ryder have the best labor day weekend ever

  5. what a poignant and candid post. I loved it.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. awww... that's sad.
    someone once said to me


    we do not have room in our lives for negative thoughts


    wishing you positive things.. and thanks for stopping by to read my stupid post it notes!! come back and join me tuesday. :)


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