Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Night In Shining Armor

Totally Awkward Tuesday! Play along with me over at Tova Darlings.

When I was younger one of the cooler things to do was to dress up real nice and go down to the beach. Then we would walk up and down the boardwalk all night long. We were too young to get into any of the bars or clubs so it was the sidewalk for us. On a good night we would meet some nice boys to party with. On a bad night, we'd walk up and down all night long.

This night was one of the latter. Maybe it was off season? I don't remember, I just know that there were not many people down there that night.

My girlfriend and I were walking down the street and a truck drove by shouting catcalls. We ignored it. Two bike cops pedalled up.

Cop: Did that truck just yell at you?

Me: I don't know, I guess.

Cop: Do you want us to get them for you?

My GF looked at them, looked at their bikes, looked at them, pointed down the street and said "If you think you can catch them."

We laughed and the cops muttered something about them coming back and rode off.


  1. Haha, it would have been funny if they had tried to catch them!

  2. omigosh. were those cops serious? lol!

  3. Man the days of dressing up and walking down the boardwalk. Sigh... I miss those.
    The fact that I use to wear a bathing suit and walk without shame... I miss that too.

  4. That's funny. How old were the cops? Sounds like they were totally hitting on you. I'm pretty sure you were supposed to admire them because "who can resist a man in uniform??" Right? lol


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