Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Mr. Senator,

Have you ever called your Congressman? Seriously. I know that I never mean it when someone complains about something dumb (like the weather) and I reply "Write your Senator," but it is super easy!

Confession: I had never called my Congressman until fairly recently. Maybe in the past 6 months. There was a bill in our state Senate to cut funding for Early Intervention. I could not attend the rally, so I called. I was wicked scared at first. What were they going to say? What was I going to say? But it was super easy.

First things first. Find out who your representatives in Congress are. Just enter your zip code under the "Get Involved" and TaDa! All the important people in your life. (Except your mom and dad and Grammy; you know what I mean.)

After you get the appropriate phone numbers prepare what you want to say. The last time I called I basically just told them that I wanted the Congressman to know that I support the President's health care plan. Then, depending on the office, they may ask your name, phone number and address. That is it. They are usually super nice and it's quick. Thirty seconds.

So, why should we bother? Lets be honest. Our lawmakers are not mind readers. Sure, they probably have an idea of what their constituents want, but maybe they are wrong. Maybe they only hear special interest groups. Or maybe you agree on their stance and just want to reinforce it. Basically, we voted for these people to represent us. We need to tell them what we support and what we don't.

Go call your Congressman. I am sure that you have an opinion on something. Then afterward, you can feel as though you did something. You made your opinion heard.

Even if it's different than mine ;-)


  1. well just call u Norma Raye(ok, u might be to young to know that refference, but it is good I promise) ;)

  2. Good idea! :) It's definitely important to have your opinion heard!


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