Friday, October 9, 2009

Five Bloggy Annoyances

I know, 92 posts and I already have annoyances? I am getting all self-righteous before even the 100 mark?

Oh well.

Angela's Adventures

1. Blogs with music Normally I read blogs when either a) I am at work or b) the baby is sleeping. In either instance unexpected blaring music makes me very unhappy.

2. Lack of paragraphs Now, I am no English teacher and I do not claim to know anything much about grammar, but paragraphs are your friends. They are just easier on the eyes.

3. Caps Lock This goes for anything: blogs, email, fb, twitter, anything. Caps = Yelling. I don't like people yelling IRL either.

4. Commenters who have nothing nice to say Seriously, if you don't like the blog you can click away from it. Try it. See that ity-bity 'x' in the top corner of the screen? Click it. Good. Now you don't have to read blogs that make you so unhappy! Amazing! And I am not talking about followers that read the blog and just disagree sometimes. I am all up for discussions, but it the person that comes back week after week to say how much the blog sucks.

5. Commenters who you can't reply back to I didn't even know about this until Angela mentioned it on her blog. I cannot find the blog that ultimately helped me, but I know it is out there. I really like replying to my commenters, but without an email address I can't. And that makes me a Sad Panda.


  1. ha! insert video here.

  2. Oh my, I made my email visible just because of this. :)

  3. Everything on here annoys me, too. Which is why I try really hard to avoid these things when I'm writing or commenting. I will occasionally rant about something in a comment, but it's never really directed at the author of the blog, and it's usually because I feel I have a unique perspective or that the author is misinformed about the topic.

    And, yeah, the email thing is annoying. Sometimes, I want to respond to the commenter because I want to personally thank them or acknowledge them, and I can't. Ugh.

    Sexual Harassment Panda is awesome.

  4. The music thing really bugs me too. Good list. :)

  5. I had to go and check to see if my email link was listed on my It was good to see Sexual Harassment Panda again. :D

  6. I'm new to the blog thang, but I have to give it to you - some of these are already major peeves on my list. . . I don't know if my E-mail is posted or not. Never even thought of that one!

  7. First time here and you get kudos from me as a self service notice illustrated by a South Park learning experience, is good by me!

  8. I like my paragraphs as well! Sometimes it takes awhile for people to pick up on the blogging etiquette. I try to be patient, but you're right. It can be annoying.

  9. OMG, I can't believe you ended the post with Sad Panda! hahahahaha!!! you rock Raine!!!

  10. I couldn't agree more. Music kills me. Just kills me.

  11. I agree but think I may be a paragraph avoider! Now I have to go check! I couldn't agree more esp with the no-reply commenters and the music.....hate the music....don't force your music on me I just want to read the blog! One of my biggest pet peeves is word verification on comments....ugh!


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