Friday, October 30, 2009

Top Five Reasons Salem Sucks During Halloween

5. Traffic
I don't leave Salem because I would not be able to return.

4. Tour Buses
They let their billion people off right in the middle of the road. Where they stay.

3. Slutty Costumes
Please put some clothes on. I'm cold just looking at you.

2. People Disrespecting the Memorials
People wrongly died. Have some respect.

1. Effing Ferris Wheel

Angela's Adventures


  1. Ah, see, now things make sense, especially in the department of ferris wheel hatred.

  2. How long has that thing been there? It seems like months!

  3. Ya that would bug me too. I have always wanted to go there just to see the sites. When I think about what they did to those people I feel so bad for them.

  4. so my costume as adam wearing a fig leaf....not gonna get candy at your

  5. So, do you hate all ferris wheels or just that one? I have only visited Salem in grade school, but I hear it's chaos! Good luck, the end is near!!

  6. Yeah but I can't wait for your pictures! Happy Halloween! My high five is up now! Glad you are back!

  7. This post is hilarious. It never occurred to me the number of tourists who would venture out to a place like Salem this time of year.

    My thoughts are with you. :) Good luck!

  8. costumes are the worse! Great post!! Happy Halloween!!

  9. what about the people who come to see the leaves change colour? don't get you started?

  10. I understand about the tourists, I live right down the street from a "World's Largest" attraction so in the summer, it's awful. And when you live in a town of 800 people, having hundreds of tourists is really noticeable. And shame on people for disrespecting the memorials!

    Burn the ferris wheel down.

  11. there was a childrens fair in the area i live in. it was literally all children and parents.. and some young girl dressed as what? i couldnt figure it out.. basically naked with high heels and lots of make up and thigh highs (in the cold!!) kept wondering around saying hi to kids.. i was like.. get away from these kids before you give them a distorted view of being a woman!!
    So annoying.. I feel you.

  12. What is the purpose of the ferris wheel? And is it year round or just for Halloween? Inquiring minds want to know.


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