Friday, November 6, 2009

Five People Who Annoy Me This Week

1. Post-Election Activists
You know the types. They say nothing before the election. Probably do not vote. Then complain and complain and rally AFTER the election. Wednesday is not the right time to decide to protest, start groups, and rally. Monday probably would have been a better day for that. I cannot even look at FaceBook right now.

2. Lazy People
The people who use the elevator to go up one flight. The people who ride the bus for three blocks.

3. Elitist Environmentalists
Yes, being green is good for the environment, and is totally fashionable. I read this blog where the author suggested to start buying delicious organic soups and to donate your old soup to food banks. The commenters called her an elitist because why would you give poor people bad (read: Campbell's) soup? You should take that soup and composite it! These people are the elitists! People at food banks would rather Campbell's soup then no soup at all. You would really rather throw perfectly good soup onto the ground then give it to a hungry family? WTF?

4. People Who Don't Clean Up After Themselves
We had a man from our lab start a new job this week. He did not clean up his bench AT ALL. It literally looks like he was in the middle of something then dropped everything and left. And who does he expect to clean and go through all this shit?

5. People Who Want Me To Do Their Work For Them
When I offer to help, it does not mean I am offering to do it for you. When you ask me to look something up for you, and I do, then you have additional questions about it that I cannot answer - look the damn thing up yourself! There is nothing worse than someone telling me what questions to ask the person on the other line, then having questions about their answers. I don't friggin know. Do it your own damn self. I should just start sending these out.

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  1. wow...great list, I cant pick my favorite..they r all good;)

  2. Totally agree with #3. I agree with them all, but #3 especially. Organic doesn't always mean good for the environment. Sometimes organic is not sourced locally so the products travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to get to your store. All that embodied energy! What's wrong with just fresh? Fresh = local = everybody wins.

    The worst elitist environmentalist crap I ever got was working on some small airport projects where we were asked to provide a summary of the environmentally sustainable elements of our designs. The same people who asked us to fly across the country to attend meetings with them every few months and blowing out each of our carbon footprints. I never submitted that summary.

  3. If it's anything like the guy I worked for at my old job, he expects his direct report to clean it up for him.

  4. Sounds like you've had a pretty frustrating week.

    I think a SB Pumpkin Spice Latte is in order. (maybe 2)

  5. I agree with you on all of them. I don't like our president but I at leasted voted and I don't start debates and what not.

  6. slapping you high five on this one

  7. Just eat the stupid soup. Campbell's is good stuff! If you want to buy organic the next time, go for it, but why waste perfectly good food?!?

    Honestly, I can sometimes see the point of Rush Limbaugh calling them enviro-nazis. And I despise Rush Limbaugh!!

  8. Great list girl! I don't even weigh in on politics since so many people are so so serious about it I normally don't weigh in. Weak? No just saving a two hour argument and agreeing to disagree! Political views are normally strong views and people generally aren't going to change their view no matter what the good point is!! Environmentalist....I've gone green and by green I mean I make my own cleaners and recycle....I have not however LOST MY EVER LOVING MIND!! Lazy, messy and stupid people.....ugh....don't get me started!


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