Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Award

Mrs. Lovely gave me this lovely award!

I have been slacking on it not because I am ungrateful (I'm not!) but because I am not normally a very happy person (No, really, its true.) The rules of the award are linking back, giving out, you know the drill and listing 10 things that make you happy - and doing one today. So, I have found that this activity is much more easily done when you are in a good mood. Here is my list. I don't feel like being confined with numbers, so it is just a list.

  • Watching Ryder dancing or sleeping
  • Recycling
  • Understanding what Ryder says
  • Southern Comfort and a bit of ice
  • Music that corresponds to my mood
  • Being outdoors
  • The ocean and the mountains
  • Telling someone how my day went
  • Finishing work early
  • Getting new glasses
  • Shit my dad says
  • New pipettes
  • Good movies
  • Blog comments
So, to pass it along... Do I have to do this? I honestly would love to read everyone's list, so how about if you want to play along then grab that award up there and let's hear your 10 things!

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