Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Do you know what depression is? It is a fucking black hole. You'll be walking around minding your own business and you will fall into this bottomless black hole. You won't even see it sitting there waiting for you. You will not see it and can't try to cross the street to avoid it because it just appears out of nowhere and you fall in. And I am telling you, I know of no collie that is going to run and get Ma and Pa to come help.

I was feeling good. I daren't say happy, but good. I still didn't give a shit about Christmas, but I didn't feel like crying so I felt ahead. For over 48 hours. Then today, that damn black hole got me. It swallowed me up, without warning.

I don't know how to get out. It is too dark down here.


  1. Raine,

    How can I help? Email me.


  2. Maybe think of Ryder, and how cute he is.

  3. I understand, I kinda live in that blackhole most of the time....if u ever want to talk, email me...I sent u my email through the friend connect thing...

    I probably cant help, but Im a good listener;)


  4. Use your support system girl! We are here. Just tell us what we can do. I'm far away, but willing to help.

  5. I can understand. I hope you're feeling better now that Christmas is "over" and you can just enjoy a few days off. :)

  6. Raine,
    That black hole BLOWS... but you have to try to live for the moments that shine.. the moments that Ryder does the adorable things kids do, that reminds you this is all worth while...


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