Monday, December 21, 2009

Third Column!

Thanks to Three Column Blogger I got a third column! Yay! I had to finagle it a bit and I was quite scared there for a bit, but I have beaten the html gods that are always trying to keep me down!

Also, I was directed to this totally awesome site Three Word Reviews (because you know I like the three worders.) Maybe I'll invest in a widget or something - now that I have a third column to fill up :D

And since I am up way too late playing with my layout I'll be skipping our Post-It Tuesdays. I'll think of some EXTRA good ones for next week to make it up to you.


  1. congrats my friend...You wear happy well;)

  2. oooo I need a "what I write about" thingy.

  3. This is all very fancy. And that damn Arbor Mist ad is mocking me, I swear to God!! Would it be highly inappropriate to check to see if the liquor store is open tomorrow and get a bottle and then proceed to drink it whilst at the in-laws??


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