Friday, January 1, 2010

My Son is a Train Bully

We went to the Children's Museum today. They have one of those big train setups on a big table. Ryder spent approximately one hour playing with it. He likes trains.

There were these blue trains that were the same color as Thomas and so they were very popular with the under-four crowd. There was some swiping of the trains, but all in all the kids played with minimal adult interference.

My son was a train hog.

Since he just stayed there the whole time, when one kid left he grabbed the discarded cars. So after some time, he had most of the trains. Kids would come and take them and I'd tell him to share. Every time a kid took one he yelled "MOM!" Then was disappointed when I didn't kick the other kid's ass.

There were three cars that Ryder had at one point that I told him were enough for one time. Well, he turned his back and a little boy took two of them. Ryder was pissed! "MOM!" I told him it was fine. He could get some different ones.

He watched that little boy like a hawk. Then, like a ninja, when the boy turned, Ryder scooped the cars up. Then cheered. I couldn't help but laugh. It was like he won the lottery.

There was a drawbridge that Ryder was particularly fond of. This same little boy also liked this particular spot. When ever he came near, Ryder would pull the bridge up so he couldn't use it. Or he would put it down just so the boy could get the first car on, then he'd pull it up so the train fell off. I honestly didn't do much. I was quite entertained.

My son is the train bully.


  1. lol.....I was/am a train sorry to tell ya, he may not grow out of it.hehehe

  2. Nope...your son is absolutely adoarable and is now officially my new boyfriend!!! :)

  3. Raine he is BEAUTIFUL.. ahem ahem I mean handsome strapping young man... and sounds perfectly normal to me that he want to Hoard all the trains..;-) If we come back up that way we will have to get him together with Adrian and Alex they have a pretty bad ass train set and they suck at sharing too, it could be fun to I keeeed I keeeed.

  4. Bully shmully...anything that cute is too precious to be a bully!!

  5. OK for some reason this post totally made me giggle. Thanks!


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