Monday, January 18, 2010

Corn Dogs

My weekend has been like a corn dog. A perfectly good weekend surrounded by unnecessary anxiety. All morning I've been worried about whether or not the city was going to call a parking ban because of the snow. Although it's not really snow. It is accumulated freezing rain. If that makes sense. I am grateful that they haven't because I don't have to deal with taxis. I've become obsessed with the weather, though, anticipating the ban.

Being snowed freezing rained in gives me some time to make phone calls to fellow Massholes reminding them to vote tomorrow.

Yesterday we attended a Unitarian Universalist service for the first time. It is indeed different. The sermon began with a video of Micheal Jackson's Man in the Mirror. Unfortunately I didn't hear much more of it, because Ryder wanted me to play in the nursery with him. I really like that they never mentioned God or anything. They stayed general and gave moments of silence for personal prayer.

So, Ryder wanted me to play with him in the nursery. It is hard to meet adults in the nursery. Yep, it's true. Not that I can blame him alone. I don't know what to say to people. They introduce themselves to me, I introduce myself, then I am lost. Then I wander away. I suck at making friends. We're going to go back a couple more times, at least. Maybe with repetition both Ryder and I will feel more comfortable.

Then with my anxiety riding high, we went met my family at the Rainforest Cafe for my sister's birthday. Holy crap, that place is insane! I wanted the hide in the bathroom the whole time. It was fun after I calmed down. Ryder could not eat, he was so interested in everything else in the room. How do any kids eat in that place?

Aren't we a happy family?

We went to David's Bridal to try on dresses. That was fun! Since I have lost weight I went down a couple sizes, that always makes me happy.

I usually don't give you weekend synopsises but there you go. Here was Saturday:

Bird Man

Like his castle?

Showing off the FriendShip



  1. I hate Rainforest Cafe. Too loud and the portions when I went there last were HUGE!

  2. I actually like rain forrest cafe;) dont stress, you will meet people, your a great person just be yourself and people will flock to you;)

    great pics

  3. It honestly sounds like a lovely weekend, Raine.

  4. I once saw a couple at the Rain Forest Cafe in Orlando sitting by the elephant, what they didn't know was that ever 30 minutes the elephant roars and moves and such. I almost peed my pants when the elephant did it's thing and the woman jumped a mile while dropping her entire drink in her lap.

  5. I've never heard of the Rain Forest Cafe. Sounds like an adult Chuck E Cheese's on steriods.

  6. Great pics.. the family shot, the girl in the middle (your sister?) looks grumpy, haha.. You look just adorable!

    It's sometimes hard to meet people and start up conversations.. trying to figure out what to say, while sounding interesting but without sounding crazy. I sometimes have that problem, lol. :P

  7. hee hee hee... corn dogs... that made me chuckle (people in the midwest find it necessary to state when they laugh/chuckle/giggle. I don't know why.)

    Way to go down a couple of sizes!! You rock!

    Oh, and Ryder is uber cute! I loved his sand castle.


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