Monday, January 11, 2010

Should I Defriend My Family?

I have tried hiding them, and that worked for a bit, but now they are actually talking to me.

It started out with Auntie K. She updated her status approximately every five minutes. Ninety percent of the time the status was something about how terrible life is. How her best and only friends come in bottles. How she is drunk at noon and how everyone are assholes. I was actually fairly concerned. I called my dad and told him to call her. (Damn, I didn't want to talk to her!) Apparently, she didn't actually realize that people were reading her updates. She is actually fine.

Good enough for me.

Okay, before you all send me hate mail, my dad's family are pretty much all asses, with few exceptions. My nanna hates my mom for something she said 30 years ago. She is a miserable old woman who raised miserable children. They don't call us or send Christmas cards or invite us to parties, so fuck them. (With few exceptions.)

Anyways, Auntie K. was hidden. Problem solved. Now I don't have to see her crazy shit.

Then, months later, my status was something along the lines of "Okay, MJ is dead, get over it." Something like that. She sent me an email telling me that I shouldn't put that shit on my wall. I told her "Whatever."

Recently Auntie C. friended me and I accepted because I have not spoken to Cousin in Italy for years. I was hoping that he, too, would get a facebook page and I could reconnect with him. So far, no go.

My status recently was "Fuck taxis," because I had just had a shitty time with some. Auntie C. writes to me telling me not to put that stupid stuff on my wall. I asked what she was talking about. She wrote something about me being a smart girl and shouldn't have that stuff on there, blah, blah, blah. Again my response was "Whatever."

My final point: You know how you can see when a friend of yours posts something on another friend's wall? Well, Auntie C. writes on Cousin in Florida's wall that he should come up because Cousin in Italy will be coming over.

There is no way that Cousin in Florida could come up with the money and time to take a jaunt up to New Hampshire last minute to see Cousin in Italy. Moi, on the other hand, am right here! Why hasn't anyone told me about Cousin in Italy coming??? Auntie C. only told Cousin in Florida because she knows that he couldn't make it. Bitch.

Think I should defriend them?


  1. I have none of my family on my face book friends list, just for that reason....crazy people!

    Follow your heart, and dont let anyone tell ya to feel bad about your decision....


    you should totally look me up on fb;)

  2. I defriended my whole dads family except one cousin... I say defriend and block.. then they can't even search for you.

  3. I de-friended a work colleague because I just do not want anyone at work seeing my status and checking up on me. I even like her...

    Lucky for me if I post status updates like that, the family I am friends with thinks it is funny shit.

    De-friend. They won't even notice and if they do - tell them it was a facebook facebook has de-friended people a few times by accident...for realz.

  4. Family can be such bastards. I've actually started going thru my Facebook list and defriending people. I no longer speak to one of my brothers because he's a gigantic asshole. Defriend. Not worth your time or energy.

  5. I say defriend them... Honestly not worth the headache.... I enjoy having some of the fam on my FB except when I want to be a raving bitch, and get lectured about my language...or vernacular I use and want to say " Hello.. Last I checked, I'm an adult.. If I people think I'm white trash for the way I talk on FB so be it..It's MY FB If you don't like it GET OFF MY FB!!!" Anyway it's kind of a catch 22, it's nice to stay in touch with some of them, but others are just a drag. I say life is too short to let them drag you down. Cut the toxic people out of your life, family or not.

  6. Yeah, my mom is always complaining about things my cousins put on fb, but (most of the time) she has the good sense not to say anything (at least to the adults. Aunties can still yell at punk nephews and nieces, right?) Granted, I was a bit nervous when my cuz moved in with a guy she'd only been dating for like 3 weeks or a month, but mostly because, what if he was crazy? Or what if he just wanted to use her after she got out of a 3 year long abusive relationship with a real jerk??

    So yeah, I say that unless you're really close with somebody, don't criticize their fb updates!!!

    If you don't want to unfriend, you can block them from seeing your status updates or wall or pretty much anything in the security settings.


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