Saturday, January 9, 2010

There Was Once a Potato

Disclaimer: I bought this book on my very own. I am not being paid or asked or anything to do this review. Ebony won't even know until I hit publish :D

My good bloggy friend Ebony wrote this awesome kid's book There Was Once A Potato. It is a cute book about food in the refrigerator who learn that violence is not the answer.

When a fight breaks out in the fridge between the potato and the yam, all the foods are affected. Some join in and an innocent bystander, the egg, gets hurt. In the end, everyone comes together to help the egg and learns that friendship is more important than being the toughest.

The foods have cute names like Malickle the pickle. Ryder really enjoys naming all of the foods in the fridge. I really like reading it aloud because of the fun rhymes.

And you know what is the coolest part? Ebony wrote this when she was a kid and entered it into a poetry competition. It won in Los Angeles and she competed nationally! Check it out, I think it's amazing!


  1. sounds delightful;)

  2. That is cool! I used to love reading children's books out loud to my kids!

  3. omg, i am just now noticing this post. thank you, raine! you're the best. :D


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