Friday, February 26, 2010

Fellow Commuter

Dear Fellow Commuter,

You are a douche bag.  Maybe you didn't notice the 60 mph winds last night?  Perhaps you didn't notice all the fallen trees?  Apparently you were lucky to wake up to a dry, warm, fully functional house this morning.  Well, here's the big news:  not everybody did.

You did notice that the trains are running late - good for you!  That coffee must be working!

Here is a little tid bit that I would like to share with you.  High winds = Power outages.  Power outages = Signal problems.  Signal problems = Late trains.

So, D.B. (can I call you that?) it is not the conductor's fault that you are late for work.  Neither is it the engineer's fault.  Actually, it isn't even really the MBCR, either.  Blame Mother Nature.

When the conductor told you that the train was express to Boston, that is what she was told.  When the conductor then told you that it had been changed and we were no longer express, that is what she was told.  I assure you that she does not make the decisions on where and when to stop.  And, don't you think, she doesn't like being late either??

And about the fares.  First of all, you have a monthly pass so shut the fuck up.  It doesn't affect you in the least.  Secondly, the conductor has to charge everyone.  All that you, and the rest of the train, has to do is go online, fill out a short form, and you get your money back!  Actually, double because they send us round-trip tickets.

So, do us all a big favor and keep quiet.  Nobody likes being late, but hearing someone yelling about it makes it way worse.  And you are not going to accomplish anything.  If you want to complain, when you get to your little cubicle, email the MBCR and tell them.  We don't want to hear it.

Fellow Late Commuter


  1. So how was your ride to wooorrrrkkkk? No really, don't hold back. Laugh.

    At least the weekend's coming.

  2. I had the same experience at the DMV lately. Everyone is in the same boat, waiting for hours. Most of us sit quietly and read or daydream or text our friends or check our email on our crackberries or iphones or whatever we have, and save our complaints for a time and person who might do some good. Why do some folks feel the need to whine and complain loudly about having to wait, making the experience just that much more unpleasant for the rest of us?

  3. Ugh I hate when people are like that.

  4. Gotta love people who think they rule the world!

  5. People always want what they want and right now. It makes me crazy too. The people who work in any kind of service related job don't get appreciated or understood half as much as they should.

  6. Some people just love to hear themselves try and be important, don't they?


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