Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday 13

So Amber and Meg are celebrating their birthdays all month long!  Here's this week's challenge:

It’s time to start packing for your trip to Vegas next week with the girls.

The airlines have changed their luggage policies and you can only take 1 carry on bag (That means NO PURSE ladies!) and it’s only large enough to carry Thirteen individual items.

I would wear a tank top, nice sandels, undergarments, hoodie, jeans, my hair up.

So I would need to bring:
1. My phone
2. laundry detergent to wash what I was wearing
3. Razor
4. Toothbrush
5. Hair brush
6. Deodorant
7. perfume
8. phone charger
9. credit card
10. Driver's license
11. Anxiety meds
12. lip stick
13. a dressy dress

Yikes! Im not taking that airline again!


  1. How can you go without your purse??? I wouldn't use them again either lol

  2. lmao I forgot a razor in my list! Guess I'll be the fuzzy-legged girl on the plane! :)

  3. Nice list! I'd need Carmex for sure, but you covered the basics of what every girls needs really.

  4. I would have to stay home! You did well with your list!

  5. Hey Honey,

    You're a braver woman than I! My medication alone would be more than that entire list!

    When you get a chance, head on over to my blog, I have a special Award for you!

  6. Stuff as much as you can in your purse. Then put it in your bag.

  7. seriously! you guys are forgetting the cash! or an ATM card! LMAO


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