Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toddler Apps?

My iPod has so many uses that I never imagined.  I can read my blogs on the train.  I can watch TV shows at work (on my breaks, duh!).  I can play games while I wait for my doctor.  Oh yeah, and there's music too.  BUT the coolest thing so far is this app that I downloaded for Ryder.  I was trying to keep him occupied while my friends and I played a game and he just wasn't digging Fingerzilla

First I found Spongebob Tickler.  (By the way, these are all free apps - I don't pay for anything.)  Spongebob is super cute.  You touch him and, guess what?  You tickle him.  You turn it to the side and he slides to the side.  You get the picture, it is cute.

 Then, THEN, my friend, I found Toddler Teasers.  This game was made especially for Ryder, I am quite sure.  Several shapes appear on the screen and a voice tells you which shape to touch. 

When you touch the correct shape it cheers.  You do this several times and you get to a sticker screen.  You pick your sticker and put it on the sticker page.

Ryder LOVES this.  Seriously.  He played with it for 30 minutes straight.  He'd start fooling with it and touch everything except the shape they said.  He thought it was funny.  I love it because it gave me sometime to play a game with my friends.

Do you know of any other good apps?


  1. Wow that is neat! I'm strictly computer so I can't help you with any apps for your iPod but I can tell you there is a cool site called Zoodles for kids that my granddaughter adores!

  2. Boo Boo LOVES Toddler Teaser. Try Kero, Bug Squash or Fish Food Frenzy.

  3. wow...I wish they had that stuff when I was small...way cool

  4. Cute Apps! I'm sending my sister your way - she has little ones that want her ipod all the time! Meanwhile, I have something for you over at my blog. Come and get it!

  5. I want the Toddler Teasers app! I don't have an iPhone of course.. or a toddler. Think that will matter? :P

  6. Toddler apps? Yep! And Baby apps too! I downloaded some (free, of course) apps for my sister's twins when I'm babysitting. They are only 8 months old and get so excited when they see they i-phone come out! :)

  7. I need to get an i phone so I can be cooler!


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