Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I Meant to Say....

I haven't played along before, but I have something that I really meant to say but didn't.

Phone rings.

Me:  Hello?

Ex-husband/dead-beat dad:  I was wondering if I could call him on his birthday.

Me: ....

Hang up.

What I meant to say:

What the fuck you piece of shit?  First of all I have a restraining order against your harassing ass so I really should call the cops right now, but honestly I would rather you not be in jail so that you can work and give me my fucking money!!  NO you cannot call him on his birthday.  You cannot pretend to be a father once a year.  It doesn't fucking work like that.  Even if I did let you talk to him, he would have no idea who the fuck you are.  You could be the fucking mailman for all he knows.  If you want anything at all to do with your son, you better believe that you have to drag me to court.  And good luck with that, by the way.  You will walk in the court house and they will arrest you so fast for all of your outstanding warrants you won't know what hit you.  Then when you do get in front of the judge, he will see the $15,000 you owe me right now and you won't get SHIT!  So, give me your phone number, address and place of employment so I can hand those over to the state - because they've been looking for you.  Fuck off you fucking douche bag.  We are so much better without you.


  1. My sister had that same problem with her ex hubby he only calls once every 6 months the kids dont even remember him anymore. I commend you on just hanging up the phone and not saying what you really wanted to say.
    Hang in there. he will get what he deserves

  2. Can you believe the gall of some people? I bet Ryder is better off for not having someone like this around.

  3. good on ya

    While what you meant to say would have been terribly cathartic for you, you took the high road and just hung up. That takes guts.


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