Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'll Just Be A Sec...

I get so angry at people who have someone to hold their place in line while they run to get something.  I am angry not because I think what they are doing is wrong, but because I am insanely jealous.  I wish I didn't have to make my way to the end of the line because I forgot a jar of peanut butter.

I was at Sonic this past weekend and although the novelty is wearing off, there are still super long lines.  I was waiting in the drive-thru for a while when it was obvious that Ryder needed to potty.  Right. Now.  So, I pulled into the closest parking spot and ran in. 

Side note:  There was a small line to the woman's room and it was clear that no one was going to let us ahead of them, so I asked the lady in front of me if they were individual bathrooms.  She said yes, so I went into the men's room.  She stared at me as if I had just committed a crime.

When we got back in the car, the line had hardly moved.  The same cars were still there, but my spot, obviously, was not.

Now, I know that there is no reason that they should've let me back in line.  But it angered me nonetheless.  So, to the end of the line I went.  As I am sitting in line, a woman from a car in front of us got out, ran to the bathroom, and jumped back into the car.  I was FURIOUS!  God, I was so fucking jealous.  I wish, wish, wish, wish, I had someone to keep my place in line.

The first time this problem was apparent, we were at a Christmas party.  I didn't know anyone there, but there were tons of crafts and such for the kids.  Then Santa showed up and stole the show.  Anyways, there was a crazy line to see Santa.  Most families had one adult wait in line while the other sat with the kids doing crafts.  When they got to Santa, they would just call their family over and everyone was happy.  Except me.  I tried standing in line, but every time Ryder ran off and I had to run after him, I lost my place.  Even when I could put Ryder at a table close to where I was standing, I would turn to talk to him and people behind would push in front of me.  And I hadn't moved!!  I gave up.  We waited and he was the absolute last child to see Santa.  At least he saw him. 

It is something that everyone takes for granted.  Sure, sometimes you lose your place, but usually there is someone else to hold your place for you.  I have no one to hold my place.  I always lose my place.  It makes me so angry/jealous/sad.


  1. Wow. That would be stressful.

    I know often I go out with my daughter alone and I feel like its hard, but I do have my hubby.

    You will find someone who deserves you.

  2. I'm sorry you have to go through that. Having been a manager in restaurants for many years, I can tell you this...if it's a place like Sonic that has pull in stalls, pull into one of them, take Ryder to the potty and come back. Push the button and tell them what happened and they'll bring your food to you there. If it's a restaurant with a drive through and a dining room, go in, use the bathroom then go to the front counter and tell them that you were in the drive-thru but had to take your son to the bathroom. They'll get your food on the inside for you. Or should. I did many times for people. In the store if you forgot something, tell the checkout lady/guy. They will usually send someone back to get it for you. I've done this when I was sick or injured and couldn't go back through the store. Maybe that will help. Sorry to have written a book :) Oh, and I would have taken him in the mens room if the ladies was unavailable too! No doubt!

  3. ps If you do go INTO a restaurant to use the bathroom, don't stand in line to get your food. Go to the corner of the counter and ask for a manager. That usually gets their attention pretty quickly!

  4. I have used the mens room when the ladies has been full or being cleaned, whatever. If I gots to pee, I gots to pee.

    And I understand about having someone to hold your place.. it really comes in handy at times.

  5. I am so sad for you. I know that life sucks sometimes, but it is also wonderful and beautiful. I'm a single parent, no one to stand in line or walk the dogs when I'm sick or take over for just a second while I retrieve my sanity from wherever I dropped it. However, my little girl is the love of my life and my friends are amazing. I sure that Ryder is smart enough to realize that "Mommy's life would be easier if I wasn't around". Really? That is what you want your son to grow up believing? Please, for Ryder's sake, seek help.


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