Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What In the World Were You Looking For?!

Do you guys every look at what people are searching for to find your blog?  I use StatCounter, but I very rarely go on it.  I really signed up to see if people were actually reading my blog.  And what do you know - you do!

So one of the features is that they can tell you what someone typed into google (or whatever) to find your blog.  Here are some of the more disturbing interesting searches.  Some of these, mind you, come up on the first page.

single mother not liked by neighbors

trueconfessionsofasinglemother zombie

sons true confessions on fucking their own mothers

true confessions of fucking my sons friend

spank friends game

he plans to visit me a work to ask me to prom

i want to die single mother

youngboy fuck singleparent

Posting this list is probably not helping my cause - but shit!  What are these people looking for and why are they coming over here?  Gosh.


  1. I just came over here to see if you were really a zombie!

  2. those are scary! I use sitemeter and google. I think the worst thing that I found people found me by was "I hate Kara DioGuardi" lol

  3. I love to visit stat counter. it's very entertaining.... I got "why do jen's farts smell" which I mean, duh.


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