Friday, May 14, 2010

A Simple Gift

Sometimes what matters, what makes a difference, is a simple gesture.  A simple sentence said with love.  A simple gift.  Something small, something that most people would overlook.  Sometimes it is this small thing that makes you appreciate all that you have.

This is what happened today, a very simple "If you need to talk, you can talk to me.  I love you and Ryder." 

I am loved and Ryder is loved.  I have people I can talk to.

So often I feel alone.  So often I feel like it is Ryder and me against the world, but sometimes someone or a series of persons remind me that it is not so.  There are people who understand.  Even if no one person understands everything, I have a whole support system of people.

I am very blessed.

At the end of my time in Denver, a friend made me a load of signs.  Signs that said "People love me," "I will survive," "I am beautiful" and the like.  I hung them all over my house.  On the fridge, on the mirror, on the stairs, on doorways, on everywhere.  And they helped.

I have one on my mirror now, sent by a friend, that I look at and read everyday.  I think I will make more to remind myself that I do have people who care.  I may not have a "person" but I have people.  And they are everywhere:  work, home, daycare, Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado, Canada, everywhere.  And they love me.

What phrases help you?


  1. "follow your heart and you won't screw up your kid"

  2. Of course Canada ♥'s you! :)

    Oh and I saw this quote and it made me laugh a little. :)

    Just because you're miserable doesn't mean you can't enjoy your life. ~Annette Goodheart


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