Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Musings

  • Aren't kids supposed to have skinned knees?  It is summer and he's learning to run.  Sometimes he falls.  Granted he seems to be falling a lot lately, but people keep commenting on his knees.  Every time they do I feel defensive, like they are being accusing, which they probably aren't.  
  • Remember that massage that I tried to get six months ago?  I finally got one!  It was so nice.  Then I went home and napped for a couple of hours.  So nice!
  • I had this bear when I was a kid that I carried around sometimes.  I remember standing on a bridge overlooking a waterfall and I really wanted to toss him over the side.  I remember not knowing why I wanted to because I knew that I would be really upset that he was gone, but I wanted to nonetheless.
  • There was this weird lady at the park cleaning the equipment with a baby wipe.  I thought at first that maybe her kid spilled something, but she seemed to be cleaning everything.  With the same wipe.  The only thing I can think of is perhaps she was part of the neighborhood group that got the playground put up.  Still weird.
  • Have you seen my kid's photography?  I've got more stuff lined up, too.
  • Thanks to Kacy, I have a sudden urge to mail postcards to everyone.  If you get one, don't be surprised.
  • I asked Ryder about a zillion times if he needed to use the potty and he kept saying no.  The minute that I sit on the toilet he pees himself.  Figures.
  • When I become interested in something, I become slightly obsessed with it.  For example, I was listening to Sublime and couldn't remember the details of the L.A. riots, so I read everything I could on them.  Next is epigenetics, look forward to a post about it.


  1. I get a little obsessive when I think about stuff too. We just decided to go to Portland, ME for our one-year anniversary which is at the end of October, but I've already looked at about 30 pages regarding Portland and that trend will continue for a while. :P

  2. My Peanut takes great pics too! They see the world through such a different perspective, it's just amazing. The baby wipe thing...super weird. Esp if she kept using the same one. I've heard that boys have an easier time peeing if they hear running water...maybe that's what's happening when he hears you pee. My daughter taught herself watching this weird potty training video and reading Once Upon a Potty. A massage? I'm jealous. I've been talking about getting one for years.....


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