Sunday, July 18, 2010

Times When It Is Inappropriate To Text

There has been tons of talk about texting while you drive.  I, obviously, agree that it is dangerous (although I totally text at red lights, but then I've been known to read the paper at red lights too, but that is neither here nor there.)  There are tons of other places that you probably shouldn't be texting.  Some of these I have seen recently.

  • While you are lifeguarding.
  • While you are jaywalking.
  • While you are training a lion.
  • While you are climbing a ladder.
  • While you are holding a ladder.
  • While you are roofing.
  • While you are piloting a plane.
  • While you are reading your child a bedtime story.
  • While you are saying your vows.
  • While you are rock climbing.
  • While you are talking to your Mother-In-Law.
Have you noticed any?


  1. I can add to this list. "When walking down stairs". I nearly went ass over tea kettle while sending a text message when walking down stairs at work..

  2. While drinking margaritas...


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