Sunday, July 25, 2010

What He Doesn't Know

He reminds me so much of his father it is crazy.  He looks just like him.  He has the same facial expressions, even the small things like how his legs look with his socks, reminds me of him.

It reminds me of how unbelievable it is that he doesn't know him.  He doesn't even know what his voice sounds like.  He doesn't know that he loves video games just like he did/does.

He doesn't know that he goes to school and rides the bus.  He doesn't know that he prefers men over women.  He doesn't know that, just like him, he makes friends with ease.

It is hard to comprehend that Ryder is a whole person that he doesn't know.

I wonder if he knows what he is missing.


  1. ((hugs)) im sorry ... at his age he doesnt think hes missing out on anything he has a great mom who loves him!

  2. Such a poignant post...thanks so much for reconnecting.

  3. He is not missing anything because it has not been in his past. The only thing a person miss something if that something has been part of him. I think your the one who's missing his dad. (peace). I bet your a great mom for him to be the exact replica of his dad.

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  4. Not long after my parents split, my Mom looked at me and said, "Haul in your lower lip, it looks just like your fathers" and I think it honestly bothered her that it reminded her of him..


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