Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just a Compass

Me:  Hi, we're looking for a compass.

Salesman:  For hiking and stuff?

Saleslady:  Upstairs...

Salesman:  Upstairs we have some great GPS units.

Me:  I just need a compass.

Saleslady:  You checked the camping section?

Me:  Yes

Salesman:  We have some real small handheld GPS units.

Me:  I just need a compass.

Salesman:  People are really going away from compasses and towards GPS units.

Saleslady: (to salesman) She just wants a compass!  (to me) You can probably find them at the other sporting goods store across the street.

Me:  Thanks.


  1. men. Always complicating shit.

  2. OK, so I just read your post about your surgery and being scared. Im not gonna give ya any big wise words...just know I said a little prayer for ya tonight and will continue to send good thoughts your way...hugs friend.

    Steven Anthony
    Man Dish~Metro Style


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