Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have this desire to do good.  To make an impact in people's lives.  To make the world a little better.  I know that I currently work for the #3 hospital in the country (and is non-profit to boot) and am affiliated with one of the best universities in the country.  I know that I do research on a devastating disease that steals people's lives.  I know that not a whole lot of people do research on HD, but I feel detached from all that.

I am attending a conference in the next couple of days that I am hoping will renew my sense of worth.  Maybe I will see that I am doing good even if I feel like we do nothing but produce negative results.

I explored and found a lot of jobs that require you to write grant applications.  (I also saw job openings that are my exact job description - some in the same institution.)  Maybe I should take a course in grant writing.  Seems like something that would be offered online.

I think it would be amazing to get a job with an international agency that helps small farmers or school children in underdeveloped areas.  I could totally picture Ryder and I living in Guatemala for a year or two while we built a school or taught people how to farm.

My mom would freak.

I don't know how to get involved in anything like that though.  I need to do some research and perhaps take a course on grant writing.


  1. I admire your goals and have no doubt that you do good wherever you are. Peace.

  2. I joined ItStartsWith.Us. It encourages you to do small things and when a bunch of people do small things, it makes a big difference.


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