Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back Home

Hi my lovelies.

Thanks for all the well wishes!  They are all much appreciated.  It's really nice to see how much help I can get when I need it.  I feel blessed.

The surgery was fine.  They cyst had apparently resolved itself and that makes me feel really dumb.  I mean, I know I wasn't faking being in pain and there was really a cyst there, I just feel dumb all the same.  It is what it is. Some stuff was sent off to the lab, though, just to check things out.

So, I'm just chillaxing, reading, watching some tv, and playing on facebook for a few days.  Hopefully I will be fully recovered so that I can do the 13.1 mile Jimmy Fund Walk next weekend.  But I won't push it.

And in case you were worried about any TMI I won't be taking pictures of my scars.  ;)

Oh, and thanks so much to Mel - she is too sweet!


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