Friday, October 15, 2010

Drugs, Cancer, and Some Other Third Thing That Kills You

My uncle died.

The service is tomorrow and I am not going.


Drugs cause many problems.  I know they do. But they do not cause all problems.

When I smoked, my mom would blame everything on the cigarettes.  If I stubbed my toe, it was because I smoked.


My uncle was an IV drug user.  But that is not what killed him.  He had a brain tumor.  The cancer was most likely not caused by the drugs he injected.  As far as I am aware, Ted Kennedy wasn't a junkie.  But none of this matters.  Even if, and I am not suggesting that this is the case, he had only shot up once, it would be one too many times for my mom.  For the remainder of his short life he was just a junkie.


  1. So someone can't ever turn their life around in her eyes? That's sad.

  2. I'm sorry:( I am all to familuar with brain tumors(my mom). And Im even more sorry that your mom can't open her mind and see the person beyond the drugs.

    hugs to you friend.<3

  3. That's pretty harsh. It must be tough for her to make friends.


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