Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Epic Post

Do you even know what the word epic means??

adjective Also, ep·i·cal.
noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style:Homer's Iliad is an epic poem.

So the use of the word epic should always pertain or resemble this type of literature.  So, if you are a damsel in distress and a prince slays a dragon and comes to get you, then you write a blog on the whole thing, then you are allowed to use the word epic to describe said story.

If you ate a pretty big breakfast, they you are not allowed to call it epic.  Period.

Heres what our Urban Dictionary folks say about it:

the most overused word ever, next to fail. for even more asshole points, use them together to form "epic fail." everything is epic now. epic car. epic haircut. epic movie. epic album. epic shut the fuck up. saying "epic win" doesn't make you sound any better, either. and for fucks sake, don't ever say it in person.

So even the folks over there the word is totally obnoxious.  Your haircut cannot be epic.  Maybe if a hero swooped in and gave you that much desired haircut and then you write a poem - you know what?  No.  Don't even use it in that circumstance.  

Okay so I will agree that epic can be used to describe a movie.  Although not a movie such as Land of the Lost or Love Affair or any of the Saw movies.  Beowulf is obviously an epic movie as is Lord of the Rings.

Now I am sure that 90% of my Loyal Readers use the word "epic" daily.  And I certainly don't want anyone to stop cold turkey - god how that never works....  And I have to admit I, myself, have called things epic fails.  I think what really bothers me about the word is it's sudden prevalence in everyone's vernacular.  I know it is just a fad word like, um, well, probably fail, and I am sure that it will fade away like other fad words.  I'm just hoping that is sooner than later.


  1. I dont use the word epic...but I think I might

  2. I've started to say that things are "magical" but I was getting tired of saying or hearing the word "epic".


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