Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Fantasy

Sometimes I listen to country music and pretend that I live in the heartland. I wear an apron and bake. I wash the dishes with the window open, with the sun on my face. When I get time, I knit on the porch where I can watch the cows.

The men work in the fields and the children play in the barn. I married a real cowboy. He is strong and manly. I feel safe with him. He loves me deeply and writes songs on his guitar about our love.

In the morning I have chores such as milking the cows and collecting eggs. My cowboy takes care of the harder chores around the farm.

In the evenings we go to the local dive where we play darts with the rest of the locals. We are all friends, we grew up together. We sing and dance to the music on the jukebox.

But my favorite thing to do is ride. I jump on my horse and go. My horse and I know everything there is to know about each.other. We ride all over the county. I can clear my mind and only think about the wind blowing through her mane and mine. I love her and she is part of our family. The children adore her, but it is clear that she is mine.

I wonder how much riding lessons are...
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  1. That sounds like a pretty good life.

  2. I would hang with you there...sounds awesome :)


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